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MULTIMEDIA | Living the Dream
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All music written and produced by Tony Norriss (c)  2019

  Living the Dream


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Some examples of how multi-media is used to help tell the story
Multi-Media is vital in telling the Living the Dream story:
  • Quick adaptive backdrops to suit any of the scenes.
  • Providing an entertaining way to keep the audience up to date with the storyline.
  • Helping add to the emotion and drama of various scenes.
  • Giving the Rock Opera a modern, edgy feel. 
  • Providing "cover"for scene changes.
See some examples in how this works in the video clips above.
And especially take a look at the "Disco Scene" from the show at the top of the page to see the effectiveness of multi-media as a back-drop.
Life Sucks for You
(see video below)
I'm in such a dodgy predicament
I've got bills to pay and my money's spent
This all started a few weeks ago
When I saw my bank account was getting low
So I decided to cash in my portfolio
So I went online and then oh no
My Bitcoin had crashed and worth hardly a cent
And my Nigerian friend he wasn't much better
All I had from him was another letter
Requesting a documentation fee
Will that president's inheritance ever come to me?
To bad how sad life sucks for you
Too bad how sad, tell me what you're going to do
And then I couldn't even pay the rent
I had no food, not a cent
So I gave a SHOUT OUT to my friends
Could they help me out, and then
They turned up later that day
And they said to me, NO WAY
You always think about number one
You want to survive, but we want to have fun
You used to be fun when you had lots of money
But you're starting to stink and you look kind of funny
So we don't want to hang around with you
You'll have to find your own way through
Too bad how sad life sucks for you
Too band, how sad tell me what you're going to do
Then I heard a gang was after me
For that debt that I incurred at sea
On that super yacht that got trashed
And the yacht owner really wanted his cash
So I was hiding out in the neighbour's attic 
I was trying to avoid those stand-over tactics
But when I went outside for a breath of fresh air
The gang-boss he was standing there
He said "give me the money please
Or I'll have to dislocate your knees
I do that sort of stuff for fun
So I only had one choice left, RUN
Too bad how sad life sucks for you
Too band, how sad tell me what you're going to do