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Living the Dream Rock Opera. Easy to perform musical.
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All music written and produced by Tony Norriss (c)  2019

  Living the Dream

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Key Points

LIVING THE DREAM ROCK OPERA is a modern, edgy musical

with a beautiful messageThe message is one of enduring love, fogiveness, and reconciliation, and acceptance. Exactly what the

world needs to hear today.

Have a look around this site, and see if Living the Dream Rock Opera is something you would like to stage for your group.

Its FUN because its:

  • Edgy, using cool multi-media elements to help tell the story.

  • Fast-paced.

  • Packed full of action, humour, and drama.

Its EASY because:

  • If you have access to a data projector or LED screen then little needed in terms of backdrops, props, or costuming.

  • Can be done by a small team.

  • Full music and multi-media package provided.

Living the Dream
(see video below)
Here, is the perfect place for me
I feel planted like a tree
By a stream that's sparkling
A place to flourish and to grow
Through the sun the rain and snow
As the seasons come and go
Leading tourists up a mountain side
The view from here is so sublime
When what you do is what you love
It's not a job,
It's living the dream
All day in the sun 
And the wind and rain
There's so much to be done
Why should we complain?
We're building our destiny
And the future's looking brighter every day
Here, in this rarefied atmosphere
All that I need is near
In this vast fronteir
This place makes me feel so inspired
Even when I'm feeling tired,
It keeps me climbing higher
From the river to the mountain peak
This beauty is so unique
When what you do is what you love
It's not a job
It's living the dream